25 Random Things about me

Hello everyone !


After the horrible events that happened last weekend here in Paris and in other countries, it’s important to stay together and to learn more about each other to avoid misunderstandings. Well it’s the reason why I want to get a little more personal on my blog and also because I saw this Tag “50 random things about me” on youtube (I love it 🙂 ). 50 seemed to be a lot and I can’t think of 50, so let’s start with 25 ! Here it comes !

  • I talk a lot ! When I say a lot, I mean all the time ^^ so when I have nothing to say, my friends think I feel sad or I have some kind of problem :/
  • I am a Scorpio (I just passed my 24th bday yeah): I don’t think it means anything but I still don’t read it before taking important decisions
  • I speak French, English, little Spanish, little Japanese, Latin (I used to be able to read and write it) and a little of French Sign Language
  • I am in my last year of college and, if everything goes right, I will be a pharmacist and an environmental health risk assessment expert by next September. Who would have guess my studies ? Not even me ^^
  • I used to be afraid to call people on the phone (maybe I watched too many times Scream ^^)
  • I love traveling (no surprise, I wasn’t force during my trips :P)  but my biggest regret is that I couldn’t study overseas during my 7 years of study 😦 I will have my revenge (soon I hope )!
  • I love to watch scary moviesof any kind, except the ones with dolls. It’s too creepy even for me !
  • I am 1m68 tall which is average size in France, my feet thought differently and decided I should have bigger feet than needed (size 40 in Europe)
  • I have a cat (not the one in my photo) or should I say I babysit my sister’s cat while she is in Belgium ( I will cry so much when we will be apart !)
  • I love candles but I can’t stand perfumed ones: it gives me headache
  • I am a big fan of pastries so I do my best to stay away from them as long as I don’t start running again :S
  • I am in a long distance relationship for 9 months now (you can easily guess where my bf lives) and it sucks !
  • I am a big fan of amusement parks but no one wants to go with me, crazy ? I know ! I seriously think about kidnapping someone !
  • I have way more stuffed animals than a 24years old girl should have…
  • I hate my hair because I have too many white hairs –> my grandma had all her hairs white at 30 😥
  • I have a big sister and we are two years apart. She looks like my dad and me like my mom
  • So far I have travelled in 15 different countries (easy when your country is in europe)
  • I don’t have any tatoo but 4 piercings ^^
  • I have been living in Paris for 15 years ( I’m not a real parisian 😦 ), I was born near Bordeaux
  • I’m a Cinnamon roll addict ! Unfortunately it’s not so popular here in France (does anyone know a good place to get them ?)
  • Sometimes I ask myself how I would look with blond hair but I would never dare trying it :O
  • I don’t really like chocolate cakes but I love milk chocolate ❤
  • My family often tells me that I can’t tell stories because I laugh before the end ( you are lucky that I’m not telling you funny stories :P)
  • I was name after my great grandmas and I feel lucky to be a girl, otherwise my parents would have called me Godfroy !
  • My favorite author is Maxime Chattam ( I have read all of his books !)


Thank you for reading and I hope you know a little more bout me now 😉

I would love reading random things about you too (yes I should have said I’m very curious ^^)


Sweet Escape

The weather is finally warmer here in Paris, I’m pretty sure we live in some kind of Bermuda triangles because we have up and down all the time.

It’s during those times that I look at my photos from my holidays and hope I could be like Mary Poppins and jump into a picture to live again a moment. But unfortunatly, even if my bag is so big like her that I lose my stuff all the time, I still can’t fly when I laugh. Instead I cook and my stomach approves this message ^^ Today everything is about MATCHA !

During my trip in september I went to a place which I was told was the place to buy/eat/drink matcha (who said green food isn’t good?) : Uji !

It’s the perfect place to go if you are traveling from Kyoto/Nara and you decide to stop at Fushimi Inari on the way, but there is too many people to take the perfect photo of the tori, then Uji is the solution for you (even is you don’t like matcha!).

2400map-en-koAfter a stop at Fushimi Inari, you take the local train to Nara and stop at Uji: it’s a nice little city (as seen on this map).

Even if you only have a few hours to spend it’s cool: you can walk around the streets, visit the Byodo-in Temple, buy matcha goods, eat …

Byodo-in Temple aka an United Nations World Heritage Site


This temple is a beautiful temple and also the one you can see on the 10 yen coin. All the informations you need are on  the official website and I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed during this little escapade \^o^/


Don’t forget to stop for some tea and matcha pastries on you way back 🙂




Matcha soba: it a must have !

UJI 10


Matcha’s dango : my favorites


I let you discover all the other beautiful place of this city like that I’m sure you won’t go to Uji by chance anymore !

Thank you for reading and I hope you like it

cookies de l'espaceps: if you want to try some recipe at home I recommend you this one [ clikc on the cookies if you want to try ] I brought them at work and they disapeared as quickly as they came 😮

They are very good but the recipe is in french, thank you google trad for your help ^^

Dress like you want

Hello everyone ! Bonjour tout le monde !

When I was a child (or even a few years younger because I’m still in my early ~ cough ! not for a long time ~ twenties ) like to dress up myself with what I liked and the result wasn’t always pretty, fortunately we didn’t take as much photos as today 🙂

Back in Japan, I always wanted to try wearing a kimono but being non-japanese (or non-asian) I thought that I would look weird or it would look unappropriate even if I was dying to try. I had to wait my 3rd trip to feel confident enough to do it and I couldn’t be happier.

Naturally Kyoto was the right place to wear a kimono while wandering in the streets, eat dango… Why ? Because of the old/mystic atmosphere of the city, other people wearing traditional clothes, the good weather (maybe too hot for a “kimono day”) and simply because I love this city. I was there for Silver Week aka National Holidays so I was afraid all the kimono would be already rented, but we were LUCKY !  we find a little shop with nice design kimonos and with the help of a nice french girl working there during the silver week ( we are everywhere in Japan it’s crazy ! ). I didn’t want something kawaii but a more simple looking kimono, I’m pretty happy with my choice and after a good 30 minutes putting the kimono, with the help of a nice japanese lady, and getting my hair done, it was time to explore Kyoto on my geta !

  ➡ Follow me around Gion’s streets ➡






After looking at all the pictures I definitely have to say I really do the same face ! It’s so weird ! It must be my ” oh have you seen my kimono ? ” face ^^

It was a very good experience and everyone should try it too 🙂  If you do and have big feet like me, the geta can seem small but it’s easy to walk on them !

Thank you for reading and see you next time !

A la poursuite du béret rouge

Hello everyone ! I’m happy to see you again !

This story started with a simple will of mine: a red béret. I know it may sound cliché, especially because I am french, but I swear I won’t wear it with a marinière + a baguette + a bottle of wine, or just with a marinière !

Back in summer I already pictured myself with it on my head but it was way too soon to buy it yet and I decided to wait a little bit but one week later (after an examen for my defense) guess who was with a red béret on her head ? Since that moment I took it everywhere with me, included during my trip to Japan. So why not living to my blog’s name and doing a special “frenchie compilation lookbook” in Tokyo, in the streets of Harajuku (when no one was watching or I would be all red on those photos). I hope you like it and it will make you want to wear one yourself \^o^/





pretending not looking at the camera …

What would you wear with a red béret ? I can’t wait to read about your ideas 🙂

As always thank you for reading and I hope you like it !

Climbing to the Top of the World


Hello everyone ! Nice to see you again !

As you can guess from the tittle, today I wanna talk about a very cool/extraordinary/awesome (delete as appropriate) thing I did: Mont Fuji’s climbing ! It was one big goal of mine and I’m very happy I did it (even if I wasn’t saying the same thing while climbing it). I can only recommend you to do what you set your mind on, it was hard but it would have been harder to let it go.

As Mont Fuji is only open from July to mid-september so I felt lucky to be in Japan at the right time. From that time I knew I had to go there (right before I watched videos of it on youtube here or here and I couldn’t wait to try myself !). Then I gathered all the informations I needed on the official website of the Mont Fuji. It’s the best site I found about this subject \^o^/ Continue reading